Welcome to the CDO Automatic Identification Technology-V (AIT-V) support site.

About AIT-V

The objective of the AIT-V acquisition is to provide a state-of-the-art, common, integrated structure for logistics tracking, locating, and monitoring of assets and processes.

AIT technologies on this contract provides standardization among government users of AIT component purchases from this contract. The user community benefits in competitive competition and products to support their needs of data collection, storage information, information processing. The standardization and transmission of AIT data greatly enhance systems used by the Department of Defense (DOD), United States Coast Guard (USCG), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), coalition partners, other Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and other Federal Agencies.

PL AMIS has created and posted a document defining the ordering procedures for Government users here:  http://www.usarmyamis.army.mil/Contracts/aitv/aitv_OrderingProcedures.pdf

PL AMIS has created and posted a briefing presentation on the ordering procedures for Government users here: http://www.usarmyamis.army.mil/Contracts/aitv/aitv_OrderingProceduresBriefing.pdf

Additional information on the AIT-V contract can be found on the PL AMIS website at: http://www.usarmyamis.army.mil/Contracts/aitv/aitv.html

Latest News

12 May 2015: US Army PL AMIS office awards CDO Technologies AIT-V contract number W52P1J-15-D-0059. This is CDO's second consecutive AIT contract.